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Minted Eucalyptus Bliss

Minted Eucalyptus Bliss

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Discover the refreshing fusion of 'Minted Eucalyptus Bliss,' a candle where invigorating peppermint meets the soothing notes of eucalyptus.  Hand-poured with care, this candle is your gateway to an oasis of tranquility, offering a clan, revitalizing scent that purifies your space and uplifts the spirit.

Made with eco-friendly soy wax and natural oils, it promises a clean, soothing burn that's as gentle on the planet as it is indulgent in your home. 

*Please note that our candles are meticulously crafted to order, ensuring you receive the freshest, highest quality product.  As such, your order will be shipped on the next business day of the following week. We appreciate your patience and understanding, knowing that your waiting will be rewarded with a product crafted specifically for you. 

Thank you for choosing our hand crafted candles. 

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